Terms of Use

The Trip Manager Internet application (hereinafter referred to as `Trip Manager`) allows its users to order and purchase additional services for existing airline bookings for which an e-ticket has been issued (hereinafter referred to as `Bookings`).

  1. The following applies to Trip Manager:
    1. Trip Manager does not assume ownership, nor is it responsible for the Bookings for which it provides services.
    2. The Bookings are and remain fully owned and managed by the travel agency/agency (hereinafter referred to as `Agency`) which issued the tickets.
    3. The Trip Manager services are provided in co-operation with the Agency and all actions are carried out with its knowledge.
    4. Any operations beyond the offer of Trip Manager must be performed in the Bookings by the Agency.
    5. The Agency is the contact point for any requirements and questions related to the Bookings and/or purchased Trip Manager services.
    6. Trip Manager does not collect information about the persons listed in the Bookings and persons purchasing services beyond the offer of Trip Manager.
    7. Trip Manager may only be used by persons (hereinafter referred to as `User`) listed in the Bookings and/or who have made the Bookings and/or who have a right to handle them.
    8. The information for each service displayed in Trip Manager is taken from the airlines, and translated. Trip Manager does not guarantee verbatim accuracy of information, or accuracy of information received from airlines or third party systems.
    9. Complaints can only be made to the Agency.
  2. Users of Trip Manager agree that:
    1. Trip Manager will use the information included in the Bookings.
    2. Trip Manager will make changes to the Bookings for the purpose of purchasing additional services.
    3. The purchase of services is binding upon their payment.
    4. Purchased services cannot be cancelled.
    5. They understand and accept the above information.